Graduation was scaring me for many reasons. First, it was a ‘farewell’ to people who were my friends and a part of my life for years. Second, I knew that graduation means significant changes in my life – I am an adult now and I have to enter the real world of careers, offices, corporate ladders, and so on. You have to take a great responsibility by predicting somehow what you are up to do in your life, who you want to become, where to live and how to get a job of your dream. As I always was an introvert, I was really terrified by these endless necessities…

Now I have spent two years being a freelance writer and I am assured that this decision was right. Today I will tell you the story of my freelance career and explain you the reasons why this is a good option for graduates.

How the laziness of my brother led me into getting a job

First month after my graduation, I was looking for a job connected with journalism. Despite the fact that I was a good writer, finding a job was uneasy, since the level of competition on the market was pretty high. So, I didn’t have a real job, just sitting at home for a month and scrolling endless job vacancies on different websites.

I have a younger brother. At that time he was a college student and not a super-strap one. Since I’ve had free time, he asked me for some help with studying. He was a law student and I was a journalist, so I’ve lacked qualification to help him out with his papers and projects. Together we’ve started to browse the Internet to find some helpful study resources. We’ve looked trough a hundred of free essay websites, but all of them were lame and the papers were awful.

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However, once we have found a website called Student Share. This one returned my belief in the reality of miracles – well-written academic papers on various topics available for download. However, you can download only one paper for free per day, or something. To get an unlimited access to paper download, you should share your own projects and upload them to the base. Well, since I’ve had a great number of essays and other papers left from my college and university, I’ve started uploading them to Student Share base to get an access to free papers for my lazy bro. What a great sister I am!

One fine day the website administration wrote me an email with a job offer. They really appreciated my works and proposed me to become a freelance academic writer for the other company’s project. And I agreed!

Reasons why freelance is a good start

Everyone’s path to becoming a freelancer is different. When starting, people turn to websites like Freelancer, Upwork, or Elance. No matter what method or company you choose, you have to know what to expect. From my own experience, I can emphasize the following reasons to start a career that way:


It is hard to find a good vacancy without these awful words “Experience required”. However, freelance writing is a great thing to create a portfolio and build an experience you can demonstrate on the interview, once you decide to get a full-time job.


For graduates, it is really difficult to realize what to do in their lives. The pressure you experience right after leaving your alma mater is enormous. What if you make a wrong choice? And what if you will get sick of your work in a week after getting it?

Freelancing is a good sample of a job. As for me, I realized that writing is my piece of cake due to the freelance writing job I have.


Many graduates are active and full of creative aspirations. Perhaps, you want to attend the courses of Japanese language or paint in oils? It is okay, if climbing a career ladder is not your first priority. However, most of your hobbies and activities have one thing in common – you need money for them. As a freelance writer, you can achieve both free time and money to enrich your everyday life and live out your dreams. As for me, I use money from my freelance writing to travel.


As a journalist, I know that a good job in this field is impossible to get if you have no contacts. Thus, freelancing provides you with an opportunity to make contacts in different parts of the world. Maybe, some day one of them will lead you to an awesome position. Believe it or not, there is a great number of people who found their dream jobs that way.

So, dear graduates! Do not be afraid of freelancing! A field of freelance writing is an amazing option and it is better than you initially think.

Veronica Hunt

Article contributed by Veronica Hunt

Veronica is a true edtech expert and freelance writer at essay writing service Veronica loves traveling and crime fiction.