Everybody knows that healthy living can contribute to longevity, better health, and an attractive physique. Did you know that living well is also beneficial to your career? Think about it. In order to have a successful career, you must be disciplined, energetic, confident, organized, and you must have endurance.

What better way to build up these traits than exercising, eating healthy foods, and making your overall health a priority. We guarantee that your career will benefit from your healthy choices. However, if you want specific information about which healthy living choices can best help your career, we are happy to provide that information.

Let’s go through the key traits mentioned above, and take a look at the healthy life choices that can boost these traits.

Healthy Living can Help you Develop the Self-Discipline Needed for a Great Career

Let’s admit it. This is an easy one. It takes self-discipline to make healthy choices. It takes self-discipline to work out on a regular basis. It takes self-discipline to avoid foods that are tempting but unhealthy. The greatest example of self-discipline in healthy living helping with career success is simply the ability to stick to a plan and do what you need to do, no matter what others are doing. You can’t be healthy if you follow the crowd when they are blowing off workouts and eating bad foods. You can’t be successful at your job if you follow a crowd who just wants to be average. You have to be the one taking responsibility and creating outstanding ideas.

Eating Right and Sleeping Well aren’t just Healthy Choices. They can give you an Energizing Career Boost

If you stay up late completing work related tasks on a regular basis, you are not alone. However, don’t assume that you are benefiting your career if you are losing out on sleep while doing so. You may give off the impression of being a dedicated and hard worker at first, but your performance is going to suffer. In fact, you will have problems remembering things, making good decisions, and paying attention. Getting the right amount of sleep only addresses a portion of the issue. Energetic people eat energizing foods. This means healthy, nutrient dense foods that keep you focused, satisfied and alert.

According to the NHS in the UK, here are some foods that are great energy boosters:

  • Oatmeal
  • Fruit
  • Eggs
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Vegetables
  • High protein foods such as beans, cheese, and lean meats

healthy careerThe more Confident that you Are the Better your Career Prospects

When people think about confidence as it relates to healthy living, or as it relates to a career, many people limit those thoughts to success and accomplishments. These things are great, but dedicated, consistent efforts made towards physical fitness can also help you boost your confidence. What does this mean? It means that it is perfectly wonderful to win a blue ribbon in a race. It also means that it is equally wonderful to get up every morning to run a training route in anticipation of the race.

Fitness and Healthy Living Contributes to Organization

Staying organized means that you must have a good memory, and the ability to make good decisions. This means that your food choices must support the brain function required to be organized. Here are some great food choices that will keep your brain healthy for both fitness and for on the job success.

  • Salmon, avocados, and olive oil for healthy fats that help brain activity
  • Nuts that also have healthy fats, but are full of brain friendly proteins
  • Greek yogurt that provides healthy animal fats without trans fats and cholesterol

Successful Career People Have Great Endurance

Working overtime, getting up early to get an order filled, spending all day standing on a sales floor helping customers, waiting on tables, staying up all night to fix a software problem. These are all situations that working people find themselves in that require endurance. This is the same endurance that is developed through physical fitness, getting the right amount of sleep, eating right, and making your health a priority. After all, no workout plan will be successful if you do not follow the advice of your doctors and get regular check-ups and take care of your overall health. So, it’s up to you whether it is important or not, but my employer values these features.

Article contributed by Alice Calch

Alice’s Bio:
Hi, I’m a former athlete and simply an active person. I lead a healthy lifestyle and write about things that matters. At the moment I have my own blog at GhostProfessors and my master’s degree in Journalism from San Francisco State University helps me to catch my audience.