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The Business Edge of Being a Multilingual Individual

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language collage

Now that you are out of school, you have plenty of time to discover the world around you. You can travel many countries and learn things you didn’t pick up while caged up in the classroom. This is the best time to also learn a new language. Being a multilingual individual can get you to… read more »

4 Practical Ways to Continue Learning After College

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You have passed all the necessary requirements to graduate from college. You already have your diploma and a resume to prove that you can start being a professional. You hide your textbooks and say goodbye to buying another school material. You have completed your training. You no longer have to attend classes. Then, what happens… read more »

Why Being a College Athlete Can Help Balance the Demands of Grad School

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If you were a student-athlete while in college, chances are you devoted much of your time practicing and competing. In fact, many student-athletes find it difficult to get involved in other activities while in college because of the time it takes to play their particular sport. While graduate schools look for well-rounded candidates to admit… read more »

Moving Out: Top 4 Cities for Young People

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Moving Out

For recent grads considering where to set down roots can be a difficult decision. Financial factors such as the job market, cost of living, and housing prices may not be the first thing twenty-somethings normally think about, but after the recession the young people of today know we have to be financially savvy. But that’s… read more »

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Intern Abroad

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Interning Abroad

Interning abroad is a lot of fun, and it also comes with many benefits. Here are just 10 of the many reasons why you should consider traveling abroad as an intern: 1. A Great Resume Builder Make your resume stand out from the rest. Just a small percentage of students go overseas to study, and… read more »

It’s Never Too Late to Learn Time Management Skills

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Time Management Skills

As is true when anyone gets older, you have to take on new responsibilities, new challenges, and learn to conquer new obstacles as they come along. You may have had a decent routine in grade school when your list of responsibilities couldn’t fill a post-it note. However, now that your to-do’s could easily fill novel,… read more »

How college grads should approach life insurance

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Life preserver

Did you graduate college with a great degree, hoping for a fantastic job only to realize that your job as a barista at Starbucks is the safest fiscal option? Maybe that’s not the exact situation, but I’m sure you’re asking yourself “How can I insure my future family?” For some, now may not be the… read more »

Planning Your Gap Year Abroad after College Graduation

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Taking a gap year to travel after graduation is an established European tradition that has been growing more popular in the United States, seeing a 20 percent increase among Americans since 2006 according to Forbes. Gap year travel is currently most popular among high school graduates, but more college graduates are also taking gap years,… read more »

Infographic: What does it take to get a job at Google?

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Working at Google

Thinking of applying for a job at one of the world’s largest tech companies? Check out this infographic contributed by and you may be surprised what this internet leader looks for in its potential employees.