3 Things to Consider When Looking at Career Change

You get up every morning and drag yourself through your daily routine. It’s all you can do to make it to work on time and slog through the day’s duties. You aren’t alone in your dissatisfaction, as Gallup reports that 20 million Americans are entirely disinterested and unhappy with their jobs. Some of this unhappiness […]

Build a Professional Online Presence: Guide for Recent Grads

There are plenty of ways that you can improve your online presence. All of the tips below will improve your online presence and will also work to help improve your standing on the Google search engine results pages–especially if you ally many of the tips with your own website. Set up a Google+ Page and […]

Four Things College Grads Need to Consider When Buying a Used Car

So, you’ve just graduated for College and you may or may not have gotten a job (and if you did, it may not be the best paying one out there). Either way, you need a car to either get to said job or get to interviews. You may still have your old, hand-me-down ’95 Toyota […]

Infographic: Should you go to Grad School?

GradSchoolHub asks the tough question most college graduates consider after earning their first degree.. Should I go back and get another? Will I earn a better salary and finally snag my dream job after obtaining a  Master’s or Doctorate degree? Take a look at these statistics and decide for yourself! Contributed by GradSchoolHub.com. CollegeAftermath.com only accepts […]

2014 Employment Outlook: 5 Medical Jobs That Are In High Demand

Even though the unemployment rate fell to five-year low in January, the labor situation in this country is still not exactly rosy. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in early February that job growth in January slipped 6.6 percent (compared to the 6.7 percent in the previous month), and that employers added 113,000 jobs to […]