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Top 10 Tips for Graduates to Get Hired

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10 job tips for grads

Grads Get Survival Tips for Landing the Job They Want Career Coach and Award-Winning Author Helps Millennials Overcome Interview, Job Seeking Deficits Graduation Day 2015:  In June, more than a million college students will graduate. (National Association of Colleges and Employer) The good news: surveys suggest employers will be hiring. In fact according to a… read more »

Practical Gifts for Every College Graduate

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Family and friends want to give the college graduates in their life a meaningful and practical gift. In order to do so, you need to assess where they are in their life because each grad’s needs are different. Consider the following gifts for these different types of grads: For the Graduate Who Has Everything Resume… read more »

You’re a liberal arts grad. Now what?

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Graduation means decision time. Time to make the tough choices. Time to decide what the next step in your life is. That time has come for me. The “real world” isn’t welcoming to recent grads – something you don’t learn until after you leave the bubble of college life. In college, we were always taught… read more »

3 Tips To Take Control Of Your Finances in 2015

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Finances in 2015

Lose weight and get organized. Those are the two most common New Year’s resolutions among Americans, according to University of Scranton professor Dr. John Norcross. Spend less money and save more came in third, which goes hand-in-hand with organization. Regardless, only 8 percent of New Year’s Resolutions come to fruition. New Year’s resolutions seem to… read more »

Staying Positive During a Job Search

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Smiling Girl reading

Let’s face it: Finding a job after graduation can be pretty rough. Scouring job-search websites and writing and sending countless resumes and cover letters – only to receive polite rejection letters – can turn even the most optimistic person into a pessimist very quickly. While it may seem bleak at times, persevering and staying positive… read more »

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Together When You’re Apart

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Long Distance Relationship

You’ve had many-a single Valentine’s Day. You’ve wallowed with ice cream and a romantic comedy on the couch; you’ve spent it with your best friends; you’ve ignored the day entirely. This year, you’re in a relationship, but you’ll be alone again because you and your honey can’t be together, whether because of school, jobs or… read more »

A Guide to Turning Your Hobby into a Career

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Motorcycle Repair

Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workplace survey found that 70 percent of U.S. workers dislike their jobs. Some simply hate their bosses, while others are forced to do something they dislike simply for a paycheck to cover monthly living expenses. Motivated people who love saving lives and communicating with others go to medical school… read more »

7 Things I Regret Not Doing At My Internship

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You did it. You nailed an internship. Now it’s time to make the most of it. But, don’t put so much time and effort into finding and securing an internship that you don’t consider the nuts and bolts of the internship itself. Then, once it’s over, you could look back and wish you had done… read more »

Mean Girls: Office Edition

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office mean girl

If you’ve fallen prey to a mean girl during your grade school days, the pain that comes along with gossip and pranking is all too familiar. While you may have evaded your high school nemesis, beware, a new mean girl may be waiting for you in a most unlikely place: your office. Unfortunately, being a… read more »

Four Tips on Investing in your Professional Future

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Climbing the career ladder

When you hear the word “investing” you might think about stocks and bonds or how you can transform your Starbucks addiction into a rebate program of sorts by investing in the company. But with all due respect to your fondness for Venti vanilla lattes, there’s another type of investing that’s even more important — the… read more »