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GIVEAWAY: The Critical First Years of Your Professional Life [Paperback]

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Looking for some summer reading? CollegeAftermath is happy to announce that in celebration of the launch of our website redesign, we’ll be providing TWO lucky winners with a brand new paperback copy of “The Critical First Years of Your Professional Life” by Robert L. Dilenschneider and Mary Jane Genova [Citadel, 193 pages, published December 31,… read more »

How college grads should approach life insurance

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Did you graduate college with a great degree, hoping for a fantastic job only to realize that your job as a barista at Starbucks is the safest fiscal option? Maybe that’s not the exact situation, but I’m sure you’re asking yourself “How can I insure my future family?” For some, now may not be the… read more »

Planning Your Gap Year Abroad after College Graduation

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Taking a gap year to travel after graduation is an established European tradition that has been growing more popular in the United States, seeing a 20 percent increase among Americans since 2006 according to Forbes. Gap year travel is currently most popular among high school graduates, but more college graduates are also taking gap years,… read more »

Infographic: What does it take to get a job at Google?

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Thinking of applying for a job at one of the world’s largest tech companies? Check out this infographic contributed by and you may be surprised what this internet leader looks for in its potential employees.

Infographic: Summer Storage Tips for College Students

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If you’re between apartments or spending the summer away from college, these excellent tips from Next Door Self Storage will help you cut costs, determine how much storage space you really need, and pack so none of your junk gets damaged. Nice!

3 Things to Consider When Looking at Career Change

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Which direction should you go?

You get up every morning and drag yourself through your daily routine. It’s all you can do to make it to work on time and slog through the day’s duties. You aren’t alone in your dissatisfaction, as Gallup reports that 20 million Americans are entirely disinterested and unhappy with their jobs. Some of this unhappiness… read more »

Build a Professional Online Presence: Guide for Recent Grads

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There are plenty of ways that you can improve your online presence. All of the tips below will improve your online presence and will also work to help improve your standing on the Google search engine results pages–especially if you ally many of the tips with your own website. Set up a Google+ Page and… read more »