Feb 032016
Your First Apartment: Moving Tips For Post Grads

Practical Tips for Moving Your into First Apartment as a Post Grad Finding your first post-college apartment is an important milestone — for a lot of new graduates, it represents independence. What’s more, it’s the place you’ll start living in as a working adult, with added responsibilities like paying the water bill and remembering to buy groceries when the fridge looks bare. Though whether you’ve got minimal furniture leftover from college or an entire storage unit packed with items you’ve been waiting to unload, one thing is certain: moving into your first apartment can be an exhausting process. When you’re [read more…]

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Jan 282016
Think Like an Entrepreneur and Learn Like a College Student

The days of attending a brick-and-mortar college for four years and earning a degree at the same time you land your perfect career job may be obsolete as more students take longer to get through school. Some earn certifications along the way while others are part of hybrid programs focused on a bachelor’s/master’s combination. With online universities as prominent as traditional colleges, today’s student needs to think more like an entrepreneur whose education is just one part of a whole career scenario. Find Your Role According to psychologist Erik Erikson, human beings go through various stages of development throughout their [read more…]

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Jan 252016
10 Career Change Mistakes You Should Avoid

Entering the workforce, you might quickly get disillusioned with your career choice and consider going into something else. While your age is an advantage, every career change is a serious decision. It significantly impacts your life, perhaps even more than you expect. Here are 10 worst career-change mistakes you might fall victim to during the early years of your career. 1. Changing your career because of others This is something you might be dealing with especially at the beginning of your career. Never let others, be it your parents, teachers or significant others, influence your career choice. Sure, you can [read more…]

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Jan 212016
4 Careers You Can Teach Yourself

As a recent college grad, you don’t need to be told that the job market is tough, but maybe you do need to be told that it is OK to consider a career outside of your major. Perhaps you are finding that jobs in your field of study are scarce or require additional schooling. Or, like many college graduates, maybe you are finding that after years of study, the jobs available to those with your degree don’t interest or excite you. According to a 2013 CareerBuilder study, nearly half of college-educated workers report that their first job was unrelated to [read more…]

Jan 202016
5 Ways To Balance Your School, Work And Family

After finishing your bachelor’s degree in college, you are ready to begin a job and start a family while also working on your master’s degree. In order to maintain your physical endurance and mental sanity, you need to know how to balance school and work at the same time. Here are a few valuable tips: One: Organize Your Home Having a disorganized home is a waste of time because you must sort through things to find the items necessary each day. To reduce stress, get rid of unnecessary books, clothing and household goods, and have a place for everything in [read more…]

Jan 132016
4 Money Hacks for Young Students

It seems that every few years the world comes up with a new name to slap onto a group of young people. Generation X, Baby Boomers, and Traditionalists are all large groups of people who were born and lived throughout the 20th century. For myself, and anyone else born between 1977 & 1994, we got stuck with the label of “Millennials”. On top of the abnormal focus on millennials within the business world, they had also come into an incredibly disheartening and difficult time, due to the state of the economy. However, it is not all that bad. The challenges [read more…]

Dec 102015
Knowledge is Power: Keep Your Skills Sharp With Online Resources

Keep your knowledge sharp, post-college, as you enter the real world. There are certain subjects that must be revisited for job interviews, career-related tests, and the requirements of your job. If your job commands competency in the realm of driving, mathematics, science, foreign language, or other specific subjects—effective studying will help you perform at your highest level. There are a number of online resources that offer educational multimedia instruction and learning tools. Here are some of the best sites and apps you can use for the continuation or reinforcement of your education: Khan Academy Khan Academy is a not-for-profit program [read more…]

Dec 092015
Leaving the Nest

Are you still living with your parents? I lived with my dad until I was 22… and then again from 26-27. There is no shame in staying with your parents through college because, you know what? Living on your own is expensive. However, there comes a time when we all must leave the nice comfortable nest of no rent, minimal bills, and the safety net of mom and dad. If you are preparing to fly free, here are some tips: 1. Budget This is the single most important thing because, I will say it again: living on your own is [read more…]

Dec 082015
How to Be Friends With… Your Friends?

I saw this sticker once that says “Friendship is so weird… You find a human you’ve met and you’re just like ‘yup I like this one’ and you just do stuff with them”. How true is this? And how difficult is this when you get older? As we go through our 20s everything changes; we grow, we learn, and we find new people to “do stuff” with. So how do you continue to be friends with your friends as you get older? This is an ongoing struggle for many people. Most of us have at least 1 or 2 friends [read more…]

Dec 072015
Traits Your Future Employer is Looking For

So it’s time for you to enter the workforce – Yes, that is typically what happens once you graduate. I know, it’s a bit overwhelming. The process of actually finding a job can be stressful, a bit daunting, and definitely intimidating. It can be helpful to know ahead of time what to focus on in your resume, cover letter, and in your interview. What are these qualities? 1. Confidence Notice I did not say “cocky know-it-all” because that is definitely not a charming quality. However, you want to project confidence in your abilities, your knowledge, and yourself as an employee. [read more…]