Apr 222015
Affordable Date Ideas For Postgrads

When you’re a fresh college graduate, elaborate dinners and weekend getaways may feel a little out of reach — but does that mean you can’t enjoy a good date night when the weekend comes? Thankfully, no, it doesn’t. In fact, there are plenty of ways to have fun and get out with that special someone [read more…]

Apr 132015
Want to quit your job?

Fed up? Wanna quit? It is not uncommon situation to just want to quit your job and sometimes that could be the right thing to do. You often need to look at the big picture and where you are heading with your life. But quitting your “dream job” after you’ve spent four years studying at [read more…]

Apr 132015
Your First Apartment: What You Need to Know

As graduation approaches for many college seniors across the country, it seems like there are a million things to prepare for. Adulthood means new responsibilities, including paying for and taking care of your first home. While you might have found that perfect job and are ready to leave your dorm room behind, moving into your [read more…]

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Mar 272015
Top 10 Tips for Graduates to Get Hired

Grads Get Survival Tips for Landing the Job They Want Career Coach and Award-Winning Author Helps Millennials Overcome Interview, Job Seeking Deficits Graduation Day 2015:  In June, more than a million college students will graduate. (National Association of Colleges and Employer) The good news: surveys suggest employers will be hiring. In fact according to a [read more…]

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Mar 202015
Practical Gifts for Every College Graduate

Family and friends want to give the college graduates in their life a meaningful and practical gift. In order to do so, you need to assess where they are in their life because each grad’s needs are different. Consider the following gifts for these different types of grads: For the Graduate Who Has Everything Resume [read more…]

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Mar 092015
You’re a liberal arts grad. Now what?

Graduation means decision time. Time to make the tough choices. Time to decide what the next step in your life is. That time has come for me. The “real world” isn’t welcoming to recent grads – something you don’t learn until after you leave the bubble of college life. In college, we were always taught [read more…]

Mar 012015
3 Tips To Take Control Of Your Finances in 2015

Lose weight and get organized. Those are the two most common New Year’s resolutions among Americans, according to University of Scranton professor Dr. John Norcross. Spend less money and save more came in third, which goes hand-in-hand with organization. Regardless, only 8 percent of New Year’s Resolutions come to fruition. New Year’s resolutions seem to [read more…]

Feb 242015
Staying Positive During a Job Search

Let’s face it: Finding a job after graduation can be pretty rough. Scouring job-search websites and writing and sending countless resumes and cover letters – only to receive polite rejection letters – can turn even the most optimistic person into a pessimist very quickly. While it may seem bleak at times, persevering and staying positive [read more…]