May 242016
Best Cities for Summer Jobs

With summer fast approaching, WalletHub’s analysts compared the relative strength of the summer-job market in the 150 largest U.S. cities to help job seekers find the best opportunities for short-term employment. So if you are interested in a summer job – check out their article. Read the full article at… WalletHub  

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May 242016
How to Learn and Avoid the Skills Gap

Recent graduates are facing steep competition in the job market, many of whom are resorting to lower paying jobs while drowning in student loan debt and falling into the skills gap. Welcome to world of underemployment, where highly skilled individuals are working low paying jobs that require lower skills. Unfortunately, this trend is on the rise. The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) published a report in 2015 that found for young college graduates, the underemployment rate is 14.9 percent, rising from 9.6 percent in 2007. How can they add more value to their resume to land the better job that puts [read more…]

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May 242016
Cleaning Up All Aspects of Your Life

Organizing and simplifying different parts of your life can be a cleansing experience for your soul. Take steps to change your habits (and your life). Clutter creates confusion and stress, so eliminate it as much as possible. Here are some ways you can work on organizing and clarifying your life. Your Digital Life From messy icons, to confusing interfaces, mobile devices can cause unnecessary stress. Try switching to a phone that’s user-friendly, like the iPhone 5c. It was created with the idea that everyone should be able to use it with ease, and can help simplify your technological life. Take [read more…]

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May 182016
The Job Search: Why Corporate Culture Matters

According to the Harvard Business Review, there are six elements to winning corporate cultures: vision, values, practices, people, narrative and place. Each of these are great, but they don’t all need to be present to make a company’s culture amazing. In fact, great corporate culture is subjective and depends on what the employee prefers. Corporate culture matters because workers spend a ton of time at work. On average, American workers work 47 hours a week. One in five U.S. workers works at least 60 hours and those numbers rise to one in four for salaried workers. Finding Your Place Finding [read more…]

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Apr 302016
How Can You Give Back To Your School After Graduation?

You’ve worked hard through college. You’ve grown to love the community, the teachers and the setting. Now that you are moving toward a professional career, you can’t help but wonder what steps you can take to help give back to your school. As a college graduate, it’s important to realize there are plenty of small and larger steps you can take to help support and build your college — even if you do not have deep pockets to make it happen. The Benefits of Mentoring Perhaps the best way to give back to your college is through the process of [read more…]

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Apr 302016
Make Your Relationship Thrive: How to Show Up As a Supportive Partner

When we imagine our ideal life partner, most of us envision someone who wants to share our life journey, believes in us and supports our goals. People who thrive in life are able to be their best in a relationship, giving their partner the same support in return. But two people don’t always want the same things at the same time in life, which can build into anger, resentment and feelings of loss of control. What can you or you and your partner do together to support each others’ goals and ambitions? Believe in the Dream Even if your partner’s [read more…]

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Apr 272016
Trading Up for a Nontraditional Career

There are some great reasons for women to enter non-traditional fields and challenge the status quo. With many skilled tradespeople retiring faster than new workers are being trained to replace them, fields like HVAC, welding, and electrical maintenance need qualified women and men to fill job openings. These careers offer women opportunities to make higher pay than paths like child care and bookkeeping—sometimes even 20 to 30 percent more! As this data shows, women could improve their positions in the workforce in a major way. Going to a trade school is a great alternative to a traditional education and can [read more…]

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Apr 272016
2016’s Best & Worst Entry-Level Jobs

With graduation season nearly upon us, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2016’s Best & Worst Entry-Level Jobs Taking stock of the first-timer employment landscape, WalletHub’s analysts compared 109 different types of entry-level positions based on 11 key metrics. Their data set ranges from “median starting salary” to “projected job growth by 2024” to “median tenure with employer.” Some key findings – Comparing the Best & Worst Tax attorneys have the highest median starting salary, $92,148, which is six times higher than that of a teaching assistant (college), the job with the lowest, $15,792. Employee relations specialists [read more…]

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Apr 272016
All about Gen Z and their expectations

The following infographic was kindly provided by the Brighton School of Business & Management Ltd, which is based in Brighton, East Sussex. It was originally founded in 1990 as a Management and Business training company for the public and private sector in the UK. The company has developed into an international online distance learning college offering a wide range of UK accredited and internationally recognized Management and Business qualifications, at both graduate and postgraduate levels.

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Apr 142016
Books Every College Graduate Must Read

How many times have we heard that books are a person’s best friend? And how many times do we take it into consideration whenever struggling with some real-life problem? If your answer is ‘Often’ then apparently you know about the books that may help you in this phase of life when it is taking the transformational turn into the wide reality; some of these books are mentioned here Adulting: How to become a grown-up in 468 easy(ish) steps The name is enough when it comes to this book. The non-fiction has its source of inspiration from the Kelly Brown’s blog, [read more…]

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