Aug 272015
A Quick Guide to Home and Work Organization for Freelancers

Do you know many people who work freelancing? Are you one of them? Keep reading to reveal some useful tips that will help you with a workplace organization. Modern freelancers handle many tasks daily: seeking for orders to complete, communicating with clients, managing time, making plans, and evaluating personal success. All these circumstances impact productivity: [read more…]

Aug 252015
The Freelancer's Guide to the Galaxy

If you have ever thought about becoming a freelance writer, then check out this infographic about the nine places you’ll encounter on your journey to freelancing success. The infographic was kindly provided by FreshBooks that help you send and track professional-looking invoices in minutes and get paid faster – ­ ideal for freelancers.

Aug 252015
Not Another Desk Job: Unique Careers Millennials Will Love

Millennials are the next great generation beginning their careers, but potential employers do not always have an easy time appealing to them. UpWork reports that while millennials are set to be the most employed generation in the American workforce starting this year, 53 percent of hiring managers express difficulty finding and retaining them. For millennials [read more…]

Aug 202015
Your Resume – Dos and Don’ts

Are you completely overwhelmed at the idea of writing a resume? I just about had an anxiety attack the first time I had a “real” interview and I realized that I needed a legitimate resume that did not include the 4 months I worked at PacSun or the summer I cleaned hotel rooms when I [read more…]

Aug 202015
Online Dating – Really?

Ladies and Gentlemen – it is 2015, it is perfectly acceptable to meet someone online. There seems to be a bit of a stigma still surrounding online dating, but once you reach that weird post-college stage of life it honestly makes a lot of sense. Do you want to meet your significant other in a [read more…]

Aug 202015
I Don't Want Kids... Is That Weird?

Having children is a beautiful, emotional, life-changing, and altogether “best ever” experience… For some people. Other people have more of a deer-in-headlights reaction to the thought of having children, as though their entire body is physically rejecting the idea of parenting. Is it okay to be one of the latter? Of course it is. While [read more…]

Aug 202015
How to Survive Grad School

Grad school… It basically feels like the apocalypse. For some reason you have decided that you need to go back to school because one degree isn’t enough and now you are not sure how you are going to survive. It’s like preparing for the Hunger Games. Here are some helpful hints to make it to [read more…]