Oct 052015
Tips for Effective Business Written Communication

Running and managing a business is not easy. You meet all sorts of partners, some of them truly good, while others truly a big nuisance. Now, a very important part of your success as a business relies on effective written communication. You write every day to important partners, and you maintain a good business relationship [read more…]

Oct 052015
Be Prepared For Unexpected Expenses

Unexpected expenses can cause real trouble in your life. Flat tires, medical emergencies or unexpected life expenses can all leave you financially crippled. Here are some ways you can make these unexpected costs a little more manageable. Medical With the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, health insurance is more affordable than ever before. [read more…]

Sep 252015
Leadership and Scholarship Program

2,000 students: that’s number of remarkable individuals Foundation for Global Scholars (FGS) has supported since 2007 with scholarships for study abroad programs. These students have transformed into global citizens and brought back new ideas to the U.S. while developing cultural competence through international experience. FGS has also transformed. We learned that young adults need more [read more…]

Sep 092015
Female Mentors in and out of the Workplace

p>Whether in a workplace, social, private or personal life, a mentor can have a profound positive influence on you. Here are some reasons how and why female mentors can make a big impact on someone’s life, and why you might consider either being one, or seeking one out. Business One of the most generous actions [read more…]

Sep 092015
How a Healthy Lifestyle Affects Your Career

Everybody knows that healthy living can contribute to longevity, better health, and an attractive physique. Did you know that living well is also beneficial to your career? Think about it. In order to have a successful career, you must be disciplined, energetic, confident, organized, and you must have endurance. What better way to build up [read more…]

Sep 092015
5 Businesses You Can Start Tomorrow

The entrepreneurial spirit has no age limit. Right out of college, a smart, young person can start a business with very little capital. Businesses with a low barrier to entry simply need a good brand presence and the will to become successful through hard work and smart marketing. Fitness Instructor For good or bad, your [read more…]

Sep 092015
How to answer 15 most popular interview questions

You’ve just received a phone call informing you that you got in for an interview and you’re thinking: Wow, I’m getting my dream job! Correction: you’re not landing the job yet, but one thing is true – you’re one step closer to it. The only thing standing between you two is the interview. Many recent [read more…]

Sep 032015
10 Job Search Mistakes New College Grads Make

Freshly out of college and full of dreams, recent college graduates are hardly prepared to face the grim and often disappointing reality of the job market. Most have some experience working at internships or summer jobs, but setting out to find a real full-time job is a hard nut to crack. Perhaps that’s why they [read more…]