This is it. You’ve graduated. You’ve moved on to life after college. Now What?

College GradsSo this is life after college.

When you were in college, you probably felt like it was never going to end. You felt untouchable, invincible, that you could do anything you wanted. And then you graduated. Yes, and everything changed. What happens after college? Suddenly, your friends are dispersed across the country. Your new best friend is the computer and its endless supply of completely useless job search engines, all of which tell you that your degree is best suited for the United States Air Force. You move back home and realize your parents are exactly the same as you left them. You get a shitty job (if you can find one at all!) and before you’ve even received your diploma in the mail you realize that this is it… this is life after college graduation. And six months after this horrific epiphany — HOLY SHIT! — the grace periods end on your thousands of dollars in student loans! Before you’ve had the chance to grasp the fact that your entire life of education is over, you are jobless, alone, and in serious, serious debt.

“…this website is my attempt to rile the masses… before we’re all tied ball-and-chain to some corporate desk.”

This is the story of my post-college experience. Of your post-college experience. And almost everyone from our generation— it’s their post-college experience. Life after college is, at first, one tough reality after another.

I say, now is the time to “Seize the Day”.

You have your whole life to figure out where you are going to live and work. And this website is actually a great jumping off point for just that kind of research. But right now is the time to travel. See the world. Experience life. Go skydiving. Learn yoga. Sell your stuff on eBay and join the circus. For chrissakes, live a little. You are only young once, and this website is my guide to life after college— an attempt to rile the masses and get the young hearts and minds of today on a mission to see and experience first-hand what this world has to offer… before we’re all tied ball-and-chain to some corporate desk.

There is no better time than now.

Go back to school, if the fire is in you. Organize your life. Minimize your belongings. Sort out your relationships. Learn about your family. But whatever you choose to do, do it whole-heartedly and don’t give up. Find your own path and remember that every other college graduate out there is going through his/her own turmoil just like you. The first few years of life after college are your glimpse at the “real world” and truly, the bounce-board into the rest of your life. So jump right in— and enjoy every goddamn minute of it.

‘Cause this is it. It’s now or never.

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