Jul 032015
The 4 Most Powerful Salary Negotiation Tactics

If you find yourself feeling queasy at the thought of negotiating your salary, you aren’t alone. Research from Salary.com reveals that around one-fifth of candidates don’t counter the first number on the table after they receive a job offer. In fact, a poll by the Society of Human Resource Management found that nearly 80 percent [read more…]

Jul 032015
The $ value of a college degree

Ask a recent college graduate if earning their degree was worth it and you may be surprised at the answer you receive. According to a recent Bloomberg article, many college graduates are pessimistic about the return on their investment in a degree. The growing costs of paying for college, coupled with the misconception that graduates [read more…]

Jul 032015
5 Money Myths

Whether you think of yourself as money-savvy or you’re acutely aware of where your personal-finance knowledge is lacking, it’s always good to make sure you aren’t managing your money on assumptions that are faulty to begin with. Here are five money myths to kick to the curb. Myth No. 1: Credit cards are evil With [read more…]

Jul 022015
Lessons from College

Katarina (Kat) from Florida State University and one of the regular writers at College Fashion has just graduated and has written her last article for that website. In her final article, Kat shares the 11 lessons on life that she learned during her college years. You can read the full article here… 11 Lessons College [read more…]

Jun 282015
More Millennials than Baby Boomers

The largest age demographic in the United States is now one of the youngest: Millennials have outpaced baby boomers by roughly 7.7 million people. Millennials, or Americans age 15-33, make up more than a quarter of the U.S. population at 83.1 million, according to Census Bureau numbers released Thursday. That number surpasses the baby boomer [read more…]

Jun 262015
Best States for Income Earning

Whether you’re looking for work or eager to advance your career, where you choose to live can make a real difference. Job prospects are not equally rosy across America. Some states are booming, while others still struggle with high unemployment. Living costs and local taxation can vary widely, making a dollar earned here not the [read more…]

Jun 252015
Why you should sell your old textbooks

Should you sell your old college textbooks? No doubt there are a few old textbooks that will come in handy as a reference guide for your career, which you should look to keep. But the majority of your old textbooks are just household clutter that you should look to turn into a little cash. Check [read more…]

Jun 232015
4 Careers That Let You Travel After College

So, you didn’t get to travel abroad in college? You always swore you would, but graduation has come and gone and you’ve still never left your comfort zone. Don’t worry! There are plenty of jobs out there that actually pay you to travel for a living. However, before you start applying for your passport, you [read more…]

Jun 232015
50 Facts About Millennials and Money

Millennials are twice as likely as the general public to say their generation is irresponsible. Over one third of Millennials (36%) describe their peers as “not at all responsible” compared to only 17% in all other age groups. Similarly, only 7% of Millennials describe their generation as “very responsible” vs. 19% of those in other [read more…]


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