Nov 282015
The Relationship Drift

You have been with your significant other all through college and now you two have graduated and settled into the careers you have been waiting way too many years for. The once happy, carefree, and effortless relationship that you had now feels exhausting and passionless – why? And how do you fix it? To be [read more…]

Nov 272015
5 Books to Make You LOL

Life gets a bit serious sometimes and nothing cuts the stress of that quite like raucous laughter. Your go-to might be a favorite movie or a stand-up comedy special but I love a good book. If you are a fan of inappropriate, slightly gross humor and a little debauchery then you should check out some [read more…]

Nov 262015
Should I do my Masters Degree Online?

For some of us a Bachelor’s Degree is exactly what we set out to achieve and what we need for the career we have dreamed of. For others, grad school is not only important but a requirement of their career choice. When I decided to go to grad school my first thought was, “How am [read more…]

Nov 252015
Writing Your Online Dating Profile

So you’re jumping into the online dating pool. You are joining millions of other singles because online dating is a huge industry and has also been proven as quite successful due to the accuracy of the algorithms used to match people (with some exceptions – why exactly did you think a 54 year old smoker [read more…]

Nov 222015
How to prepare for your first job interview

Preparing for our very first job interview can be really difficult as there are a lot of expectations attached and we have the desire to succeed. Pulling through in your first ever job interview can be very difficult but you can surely make it work out with the right approach. Let’s take a look at [read more…]

Nov 152015
6 Apps That Will Make You Hate Maths a Little Less

Maths. Not your favorite subject? Neither mine. Sadly, though we all have to get accustomed this subject and its complex concepts throughout our lives. However, thanks to the new age, there’s a large range of apps that can help you learn algebra, memorize formulas, solve complex math problems, and make learning mathematics (slightly) more fun. [read more…]

Nov 152015
Tips for Getting Into Graduate School

I still remember the very moment I finished my academic requirements in college. My last final exam happened to be for one of the hardest classes I took in four years. I’d studied almost to the point of ignoring my other exams; I’d gone to the professor’s office hours for clarification on a few topics; [read more…]